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47 Laboratory Pro-Ject

1Xpression Carbon Classic
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  • Pro-Ject

• Belt drive system with synchronous motor • Main platter bearing made from stainless steel runs in bronze bushing with Teflon bottom • Heavy aluminium sandwich platter with TPE technology for superior resonance damping & felt mat • 8,6” carbon tonearm with Evo Kardan rings • Resonance damping counterweight design • Advanced 2M Silver cartridge with silver spools • Gold-plated RCA interconnect cable • Special turntable feet for effective decoupling for massively reduced risk of acoustical feedback • 4 colour options: highgloss piano, highgloss white, olive, mahogany • Dust cover included  

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狀況: 售賣中
聯絡人: 達仔
產品名稱: Pro-Ject
售價: HKD 4,700.00
簡評: 全新 未開封
聯絡方式: [email protected]
更新日期: 06-Nov-2015
瀏覽次數: 2151100


總瀏覽人次: 9990