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Mistysa - Macumba
  • Vinyl Lp

1. Calorr 2. Each Day 3. Whoz2Blame 4. Macumba 5. Dear You 6. Watcha Gonna Do 7. Wake Out 8. Si Je Te Dis 9. If I Tell You Mistysa is the author, composer, singer and even producer of this album as she has her own label, Misty Productions. Her musical education began with vocal training at the Beethoven conservatory in São Paulo, Brazil and then was followed by a Major in composition and arrangements at the ProJazz Music School in Santiago, Chile. It is this multicultural background which is perceived in her debut album Macumba in which several musical styles are recognized: R&B, Soul, Jazz, Brazilian sonorities and Cuban rhythms, interpreted in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.              

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更新日期: 06-Nov-2015
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