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ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino

Sopranino by ENIGMAcoustics is the world's first super tweeter based on the one-of-a kind self-biased (passive) electrostatic loudspeaker (SBESL™) technology. Sopranino is designed by calibre of industrial design and acoustic.
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ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino超高音
Nominal impedance 4 ohm
Sensitivity (1m/2.83V) 90dB with 0/-3dB switch
Crossover frequency 8/10/12 kHz
Crossover slope -12dB/oct.
Frequency response 8-40kHz(+/- 3dB)
Recommended input power 50W
Dimensions 7.13"Wx7.60"Hx8.15"D(W181xH193xD207mm)

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狀況: 售賣中
聯絡人: hificorner
產品名稱: Sopranino
售價: HKD 18,000.00
簡評: 優良 完美的外觀,甚小使用。
聯絡方式: 3709 2210
更新日期: 28-Apr-2017
瀏覽次數: 1649817



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總瀏覽人次: 776